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Nagarkot Sunrise with Bhakatapur Tour

Nagarkot Sunrise with Bhakatapur Tour

€70 per person

Nagarkot hill station situated 32 kilometers Far East of Kathmandu valley, Nagarkot hill station is one of the most scenic spots in Bhaktapur district and is renowned for its spectacular sunrise view of the Himalayan region. Visitors travel to Nagarkot from Kathmandu to spend the night at Nagarkot hill station for the breathtaking sunrise view in morning. Nagarkot hill station is famous for best spots to view the Himalayan Range. From Nagarkot you can see the enumerable mountains including Mount Everest and other snow-topped peaks of the Himalayan range of eastern Nepal. It also offers an excellent view of the Indrawati river valley to the east. With an elevation of 2,195 meters, Nagarkot also offers a panoramic view of the Valley and is described by visitors as a place whose beauty endures year round.

Early in the morning our driver and vehicle assists you at your hotel and take an hour drive to Nagarkot hilltop for the spectacular view of sunrise and high snowcapped mountains and as well as sightseeing of the Nagarkot hilltop where one can get the true view of sunrise which you never seen before.

Bhaktapur is also a place where your eyes naturally want to shift skyward towards the pagoda rooftops, but don’t forget to come back down to earth to peer down bustling ancient alleyways. Challenge yourself to keep still and absorb the activity around you.

The definitive building in Bhaktapur is the 30m-high Nyatapola Temple, with its five pagoda roof lines towering above the market square. That being said, Nyatapola Temple is center point and iconic landmark amidst thousands of palaces, temples, and shrines, constantly employed – enticing or warding off deities and demons with offerings (typically floral and food or percussion or horn music). As such, it’s well known that in Bhaktapur, there’s an ever present incessant clanging and tinkling of big and little bells. You get used to it – it’s all part of the Bhaktapur charm. Senses enriched and fascinated, you’ll head back to Kathmandu, which will take about an hour.

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  • Departure
    Your Hotel
  • Departure Time
    4:00 am
  • Included
    Nagarkot Sunrise with Bhakatapur Tour
4:00 am
Our tour guide and Luxurious vehicle assists at hotel and take an hour drive to Nagarkot hilltop
5:00 am
View of sunrise from Nagarkot hilltop tower as well as the spectacular view of high snow-capped mountains.
6:00 am
Sightseeing of Nagarkot hilltop.
6:45 am
Drive back to Bhakatapur, breakfast.
9:00 am
Anciant Bhaktapur city tour. Until lunch. And afternoon back to Kathmandu.


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