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Errigal Hike

Errigal Hike

€80 per person
€80/1 person, €50/2 people, €35/+4 people

Mountain Errigal is one of the Iconic mountain in Ireland, its not the highest Mountain in Ireland but this is one of the must climb peak if you are visiting this area. Those who love outdoors and bit of hiking this mountain will give you sense of Gealic land and view of Atlantic coast from the top. I personally climb this mountain more then 100 times and its never enough, no matter how weather is its still beautiful to be in top of this small peak in middle of Derrybeg mountains.   Many people have hike in these iconic Donegal Mountains in day light but very few people have experience the Sunrise walk and witness the amazing sunrise from the summit. It is depend on weather but mostly spring, summer, and autumn you can view the sunrise. Hike in this mountain is itself a memorable for many tourists. Errigal the Famous Mountain in Ireland so many people visit this place to just climb this beautiful mountain once in a life time.i said this is the Everest of Donegal. If you wish to climb this peak during your visit, let us know we only charge 80 euro per group unto 5 people, up 10 people we charge 100 euro only.

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