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In this tour we are mainly focusing in Wild Atlantic hiking routes in North west of Donegal Ireland, One and only county in Ireland where you feel and experience old ways of Irish culture and untouched beaches and stunning hills.

Donegal is heaven for all outdoors activities and one of the most peaceful and clean Destination in the world. Stunning beaches, cliffs, mountains, lakes, Authentic Irish culture, famous pubs.

Loving and friendly city Dublin, mountains of wicklow. Cultural and history of Derry city and Donegal is often called ‘a walker’s paradise’, with its endless rolling hills, hidden lakes, iconic mountains, islands and rocky coastline.

This wild camping trek is designed for adventurous and enthusiastic walkers who like to get off the beaten track. All services will be provided -Himalayan Style!

Why not plan for day kayaking trip in Donegal when you are in to visit this amazing county in wild Atlantic way.

If you are visiting Donegal and not doing rock climbing in fair to the magnificent sea stacks or climbing walls.

Mukish is the another famous mountain, view from the top is incredible so why not take a local guide for day to explore this Mountain and surround.

The Castle Gardens are regarded as one of Ireland’s outstanding horticultural masterpieces, so if you are visiting Donegal this place you should plan to visit.

Our iconic peak in Donegal, or we can say Everest of Donegal. Many Everest adventurer has been to top of this peak, and nearly all the Everest base camp hikers been up to this iconic peak for training with us. Namaste Nomad organise Everest base camp trip yearly and before we go to Himalayas we…

Beautiful Lobuche peak lies close to the Khumbu Glacier and has two main peaks, Lobuche Far East and Lobuche East at 6,145 meters.

Our Ama Dablam most beautiful mountain on the planet people says, but for us it is goddess mountain of Khumbu, very beautiful mother mountain. Ama Dablam demands a high level of skill and the whole team need to highly experience climbers. The route has a […]

Donegal is Namaste Nomad main home so we would like to encourage people to visit this beautiful county of Donegal, We said "kingdom of donegal, because it is unique from rest of Ireland. Lovely and kind people, friendly with lots of cracks and banter.