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Experience a bungee jump near the Tibet-Nepal border.

€155 / per person

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is truly magnificent adventure, filled with awe-inspiring scenery and magnificent peaks tour.

€2666 / per person

Fly above the Everest. Yes that’s true we will take to the Everest and show you from the close.

€199 / per person

Enjoy great mountain views as your soar through the sky. Take in an unforgettable view of Phewa Lake. Glide past breathtaking waterfalls, monasteries, and temples. Experience Nepal in a whole new way

€99 / per person

Experience the unforgettable Sunrise over Himalayas, views from the Nagarkot hilltop. Nagarkot hilltop is one of the main attractions for the visitors which is situated at an altitude of 2100m above the sea level. From this small hilltop you will have great panoramic views of the sunrise as well as a spectacular view of Everest.

€70 / per person

Get your hands dirty and join an exciting pottery workshop in Bhaktapur, in the heart of the pottery center at Pottery Square.

€25 / per person

Experience the thrill of white-water rafting on Nepal’s Trishuli River during this day trip from Kathmandu.

€45 / per person

Why not plan for day kayaking trip in Donegal when you are in to visit this amazing county in wild Atlantic way.

€20 / per person

If you are visiting Donegal and not doing rock climbing is not fair for the adventurous like people.

€85 / per person

Mukish is the another famous mountain, view from the top is incredible so why not take a local guide for day to explore this Mountain and surround.

€80 / per person

The Castle Gardens are regarded as one of Ireland’s outstanding horticultural masterpieces, so if you are visiting Donegal this place you should plan to visit.

€85 / per person

Many people have hike in these iconic Donegal Mountains in day light but very few people have experience the Sunrise walk and witness the amazing sunrise from the summit. It is depend on weather but mostly spring, summer, and autumn you can view the sunrise.

€80 / per person