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Owen Ryan


When my girlfriend Eilish asked me if I’d like to go to Everest base camp back at the start of 2016 I didn’t think it was possible. Two years previous broken my ankle badly I was told I had an 80% chance of walking properly again so the idea of trekking any distance was very far off. I wasn’t a trekker at all before taking on this trip but I well and truly am now.

After signing up Mohan engaged with us immediately informing us about the trip and what we could expect. He called me out of the blue one Saturday to have a chat and see if I had any questions or about the trip or how best to prepare myself. He gave me some advice on how best to train taking into consideration my injury. He also had advice on diet and general well-being which given the last two years came in very useful. The fact that he took time out of his saturday to call me showed me that he was more than just a tour guide, he genuinely supported me in my efforts to make it to base camp. Following that I had many questions and Mohan was more than happy to answer them whether by email or text or any social media for that matter. Any queries on gear, medications, vaccinations, etc any question we had Mohan was able to answer.

From the off I thought this was going to be very special experience. Not your run-of-the-mill guided tour. Mohan had organised a pre-trek meet and greet weekend up Donegal with some of the other people on the trip. It was great to meet some of the people that we would be spending three weeks with in the most stunning part of the world under potentially stressful conditions.

But alas the trip was stress-free from start to finish Mohan and his team looked after everything from Dublin airport all the way to Kathmandu up to Lukla up into the Himalayas and back again.

Compared to the majority of other groups that we met along the way I am certain we were in the best shape and in the best hands on that Mountain. Every aspect of the trip was taken care of. Mohan had time for everyone in regard to everything no matter how small or insignificant. Most of our Sherpas had summitted Everest, all had a vast experience in trekking in the Himalayas, and specifically base camp. Every one of them had time for each and everyone of us on the trip and looked out for is at all times.

There were numerous birthdays is on the trip which all were celebrated by the whole team, Trekkers, Sherpas and porters. When I first said yes to the trip I had in mind a proposal to a special lady at base camp. I mean come on where else would you ask a woman to marry you. I Mentioned this to Mohan and without hesitation he sprung into action and made a special occasion the most memorable occasion.

I cannot recommend Mohan and his team more highly. Everything was the thought of from start to finish. Our safety was the foremost concern for him and all his team which for me made for the most amazing carefree and wonderful experience of my life. We all made it to base camp and we all got to experience the magnificence and the tranquility in the enormity that is the Himalayas. It has to be seen in real life to be believed. Namaste.


Kay Mc Keon


‘EBC 2016 – When anyone asks me “How was Nepal?” my response is “Phenomenal!” It raises an eyebrow I know, but I have chosen this one word to describe it as I feel it gives the most honest heart felt answer.

Everything about this trip brings a smile to my mind. I’m not one to usually book through tour groups, I usually prefer to discover through my own ventures. I had researched many options, asked friends for recommendations and had hummed and hawed about how to see Nepal and Everest Basecamp for the first time. From the moment I contacted Mohan I felt at ease. He answered any queries I had, his responses were always quick, patient and thorough. His open honest manner encouraged me to pass his details on to two friends who also decided to join the trip.

Yes Nepal makes your jaw drop, yes it’s what you expect and so much more, but for me it was not just the sheer beauty of the country but the people who came on that trip too. It did not feel like a tour group but a close knit group of friends who walked, talked, laughed and rallied to basecamp and back. Mohan is a great leader, his vision guided us and combined us in our goal. His hand picked team of inspiring Sherpa’s and porters ran the operation like clockwork. Everything and everyone was considered.

To say I left a piece of my heart in Nepal would be untrue, I would say my heart grew, that piece has stayed with me and I shall carry it with me for the rest of my life. It truly was a incredible journey.

I have no hesitation in recommending Namaste Nomad. In fact I have already booked on another trip and I am looking forward to reconnecting with some of my wonderful friends in the Himalayas next year!’

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