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Why insurance

We Namaste Nomad strictly suggest every one of our clients to buy insurance for travelling, trekking, and any adventure sports you are planning with us. Most of our trekking and tours are in high altitude in Himalayas, so you most check insurance for type of your tours and adventure you are going. We often found people break camera, lost stuff, miss flight, Natural disaster, emergency rescue etc, and if you have cover by insurance you can claim back and travel stress free. It’s an unfortunate reality that things can happen when we least expect them. We’ve found our experts generally recommend travel insurance, look for best rates, best services and quick response.

Before you buy travel insurance, you want to make sure that you select the best company to meet your needs, check travel insurance providers include:

COVERAGE – What specifically will the travel insurance cover during your trip?

REIMBURSEMENT– When and how fast will the travel insurance company step in to pay for what you need?

COST– Does the travel insurance company charge a reasonable fee for the coverage they offer?

What type of adventure travel are you doing?

Adventure sports coverage?

Altitudes – Coverage?

Country you travelling is coverage?

For high altitude trekking like Everest Base Camp trek and Camino walk in Spain, Mountain running, horse riding, or small peak climbing you must have insurance. Also check coverage for emergency rescue.

Namaste Nomad mostly organizes trekking tours for that reason we Recommend ‘World Nomads’ Insurance Company. Our many clients give us good reviews about World Nomads.

There is many travel insurance company out there you are free to choose any of them which offer you best policy and services.