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Ladakh Tours & Trekking Ladakh

Experience, explore and discover Ladakh’s stunning landscape, Buddhist monasteries and unique lifestyle and culture. Trekking Ladakh or any of our Ladakh tours offer you easy access to this remote Himalayan gem.

Are you considering trekking Ladakh or visiting on a tour? These are perfect ways to become acquainted with the arid but stunning landscape and Tibetan culture hidden deep in the Himalaya. Learn more and discover which one of several Ladakh tours by Namaste Nomad may be just what you’re looking for.

About Ladakh

Occupying the western edge of the Tibetan Plateau in Northwest India Ladakh’s spectacular landscape and vibrant Tibetan Buddhist culture has enchanted visitors from around the world.  Ladakh is a land criss-crossed by colorful canyons, dotted with ancient monasteries, and towered over by snowy peaks. Whether you are cultural coinsure or and outdoor enthusiast we will be happy to work with you in order to tailor a Ladakhi experience for you or your group’s specific interest, whether it be trekking, cycling, rafting, or jeep touring.  We also offer a 15 day all inclusive package tour taking in the highlights of Ladakh. To book your adventure or find out more contact us today [email protected]

Discover Ladakh

Much of Ladakh is still only accessible by the century old foot paths used by traders and villagers for hundreds of years.  Exploring these roadless regions on foot is a fascinating way to experience Ladakh.  With many trails passing by ancient monasteries, through fertile farming villages, arid canyons, and glacier covered mountains, trekking in Ladakh is a fantastically varied adventure.  For all of our treks we will provide a knowledgeable guide to enrich your trekking experience, food, camping facilities, pack animals, permits when required, and transportation to and from Leh to the trek.


Popular trekking routes include:

Lamayuru to Chiling (5 days)

This trek starts at Lamayuru site of one of the most beautiful monasteries in Ladakh and crosses two passes of 4950 m and 4700 m offering fantastic views of the surrounding Zanskar Mountains en route to Chiling a small village nestled along the Zanskar river gorge.  From Chiling trekkers can either head back to Leh by road or more excitingly raft back via the turbulent Zanskar river.

Markha Valley (5-7 days)

Probably the most popular trek in Ladakh.  Its popularity comes for good reason as the diversity in geography along this relatively short trek is hard to beat.  From the colorful shear canyon walls of the lower Markha Valley the trail ascends to the alpine grass lands of 4700 m Nimaling where seasonal shepherds herd goats, sheep and yaks on the rolling grasslands surmounted by snowy peaks.  From Nimaling the trail climbs over the 5150 m Gongmaru La before descending to the monastic town of Hemis.  This trek can be started in various places.  The easiest approach is from near Chiling where the Markha river joins the Zanskar.  The closest access point to Leh is Spituk but requires the crossing of 4870 m Kanda La to enter the Markha Valley.  The toughest but most rewarding approach is from the village of Stok crossing the 4800 m Stok La in addition to the aforementioned Kanda La en route to the Markha Valley.

Accent of Stok Kargri (4 days)

The demanding trek to the summit of 6153 m Stok Kangri offers spectacular views stretching from Tibet in the east to the Karakoram in the northwest and the Himalaya to the south.

Across Zanskar (15-21 days)

In its entirety this trek goes from Lamayuru via Padam (the capital of Zanskar) to Darcha on the Leh-Manali road.  This demanding trek crosses both the Zanskar Mountains and the Great Himalaya range passing through the remote Zanskar Valley offering a vast range of cultural and geographic sights.

Rumste to Tso Moriri (8 days)

This trek crosses the rolling mountains of the high Rupshu plateau inhabited by nomads.  The barren region is home to numerous species of wildlife including the wild Ass Kiang, Himalayan Marmot, Tibetan Antelope, and Himalayan Ibex.  The route crosses high passes and along side the great saline lakes of Tso Kar, and Tso Moriri finishing in the village of Korzok.

Other Treks

In addition to these treks we can organize other treks in the region upon request tailored specifically to the interests of our clients.  On all of our treks we provide a highly trained and knowledgeable guide, all camping facilities, cooks and porters when required, permits when applicable, and everything to make your Ladakh trekking experience and unforgettable and highly rewarding adventure.  Contact us for booking and more information.

For cyclist there is no greater challenge or thrill than cycling the highest road in the world from Manali to the Nubra Valley, north of Leh, via the 5602 m Khardung La.  Covering some of the most remote and dramatic scenery on the planet and crossing five passes three of which exceed 5000 m it is a cyclists greatest challenge and adventure.   We will work with you to arrange an itinerary that meets both your interests and schedule.  For all of our cycle trips we provide a support vehicle, meals, accommodation, camping facilities when required, and all necessary permits.


The Indus and Zanskar rivers are two of India’s premier white water rafting rivers.  One of the best ways to experience Ladakh’s colorful canyons and gorges is while shooting the rapids along the rivers that carved this majestic scenery over thousands of years. We can arrange all inclusive rafting trips from one to seven days along both the Indus and Zanskar rivers with a highly trained and professional staff that will ensure both your safety and your enjoyment.


If you prefer the convenience of motor powered transportation we can also arrange jeep tours throughout Ladakh, including trips to the Nubra Valley over the highest motorable pass in the world, the breathtaking serenity of Tso Moriri, or monastery hopping through the Indus Valley.  Check out our 15 day all inclusive tour of the highlights of Ladakh.  We also can arrange jeep trips from Leh including a 3 day trip to Nubra Valley , 1 or 2 day trip to Pangong Lake, and 3 day trip to Tso Moriri and Tso Kar.   Contact us so that we may work with you to develop an itinerary that suits your needs and interests.


We are a small company that takes pride in costumer service and working with our clients to make their dreams reality.  We pride ourselves on delivering to our clients the travel, and adventure they desire.  Whatever your travel or adventure sports needs, let us know and we will do our best to make your dream trip to Ladakh a reality.

Ladakh trekking tours

Namaste Nomad offers a wide choice of tours for trekking Ladakh, with varying duration and location, as well as many other tours to discover this amazing Indian state. Browse through our upcoming tours and contact us for further information or to book a private group tour.

Trek is less crowded, with many villages, experience the culture and lifestyle of Ladakh, importantly,…
9 Days
A fantastic opportunity to summit a 6000m trekking peak with stunning views over both the…
14 Days

Good to know

Here is some useful information about your destination! Refer to our FAQ further below for more information related to travel and trekking in Ladakh.

Languages spoken
Ladakhi, Tibetan, Urdu & Balti
Currency used
Indian rupee

Ladakh trekking and travel FAQ

What do I need to know about trekking in Ladakh?

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about visiting and trekking Ladakh. For more information about trekking, food and accommodation, altitude sickness, insurance, etc., please refer to our Himalaya Trekking FAQ.

Do I need a special permit to visit Ladakh?

We can help you with permits. We will just file a “tourist” visa application at VFS, the body in charge of visas for India. It is necessary to have a special permit when visiting certain areas of Ladakh. Climbing Stok Kangri and Kang Yatse calls for a permit. So does visiting the valleys of Nubra and Dha-Hanu and lakes Tso Kar, Tso Pangong and Tso Moriri.

When is the best time to trek in Ladakh?

The best time to go trekking in Ladakh is from early May to mid-November. For the passes above 4,500 meters, late May to mid-October is most ideal. The peak season is in July and August; winter is rough but the scenery stunningly beautiful so winter trekking in Ladakh is reserved for seasoned trekkers and the more adventurous. At the peak of winter, in January and February, it is possible to embark on the Chadar Trek, which involves treading on the frozen Zanskar River. Many festivals are held in the monasteries of the Indus valley during this time.

What’s the climate like in Ladakh?

The winter is extremely harsh, with temperatures dropping as low as -35 ° C. Roads and mountain passes over 4,000 meters are shut down due to snow. In summer, the temperature varies between 0°C at night and +35°C during the day. Droughts occur as the Himalayas block the monsoon from the south.

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