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India Tours

Experience, explore and discover India’s colourful festivals, flavourful foods, exquisite fabrics, varied spirituality and extraordinary culture. Our India tours offer you easy access to the colourful Indian subcontinent.

Our India tours may be just what you’re looking for to travel India. Learn more about India and discover which one of several India tours by Namaste Nomad may be your ticket to this fascinating country. Find your way to Incredible India.

About India

India is a land of extremes, a land that stimulates your senses as it does your soul. Bright spice stalls in busy market places, colourful women’s saris, bright patterns of silk and cotton, brightly painted buildings and colourful festivals are just some of the things your eyes can feast on. In fact, all your senses come alive in India – the sights, the smells, the sounds. India is also home to a wide variety of hauntingly unique musical instruments that touch your inner being, as does India’s deeply spiritual culture. In fact, it also gave rise to Yoga, Ayurveda and a wide variety of healing arts.

India is a land of tropical jungles, arid deserts, solitary mountains and busy cities, their populations living very diverse lifestyles. Each state alone has its own language, traditional dress and typical cuisine. Thousands of years of shifting kingdoms gave rise to the rich and varied cultures still evident today. Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims and Christians co-exist in harmony. Bollywood stars and slum dwellers, businessmen and Babajis (ascetic holy men) share the same pavement. India challenges you to rethink all you thought you knew about people and life itself.

Discover India

India is so vast and diverse that it could take a lifetime to discover. India tours enable you to experience a lot in a relatively short time. This way to travel India also ensures that your experience is safe and enjoyable in a country that could be challenging for an unseasoned Westerner.

Apart from our set itineraries, Namaste Nomad specialises in customised India tours. In the south, we specialise in the beautiful beaches of Goa and the tropical jungles of Kerala. In the north, we specialise in the holy city of Varanasi and the desert of Rajasthan. We also specialise in the remote mountain regions of the Indian Himalaya, such as Sikkim and Ladakh. Join one of our India tours and experience for yourself the complexity and beauty of India.

India Tours

Namaste Nomad offers a wide choice of India tours, with varying duration and location. Browse our upcoming tours and contact us for further information or to book a private group tour.

Spiritual and cultural journey to such exciting locations in india as Jaipur, Agra, and Varanasi,…
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15 Days
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13 Days
India tour post COVID19 2021, to Sikkim, and golden triangle with Namaste Nomad.
14 Days

Good to know

Here is some useful information about your destination! Refer to our FAQ further below for more useful information before you travel India.

Republic of India
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Indian Rupee

Travel India FAQ

Do I need an Indian visa?

All visitors to India, except citizens of neighboring Nepal and Bhutan, need a visa. Citizens of many countries are now eligible for visa on arrival. We can help you apply for your visa as you book your tour.

What is the weather like in India?

While the climate is generically classified as hot and tropical, conditions vary from one region to another. Essentially, the winter months are considered to be between November and March when the mornings and evenings are rather cool and fresh. The hot temperatures between April and June can be dry and dusty is many areas, but humid along the coasts. Summer is the rainy season and may see flooding in some areas.

When is the best time to visit India?

Bear in mind that the weather in the north and the south of India may vary considerably during the same period. November to March are most ideal for travelling to South India. Travel to the Himalayan regions is best during April to October.

Is India suitable for a family trip?

India is delightfully diverse with rich traditions, thus offering an excellent learning environment and unique experiences for all ages. Do not be concerned about scaremongering; children are warmly welcomed wherever they go and travel to India ranges from rudimental backpacking to luxury holidays. Families have a host of vacation types to choose from, whether looking for the natural beauty and history of rural India or the contemporary culture of the cities.

Does Namaste Nomad customise holidays in India according to our preferences?

India is as diverse as our customers’ interests and preferences. As specialists in customised holidays in India, tailor-made itineraries are our specialty. Send us an email telling us what you’re after and we will get back to you with a suggested itinerary.

How do I go about booking and paying for my trip?

A deposit is required to hold your space and the balance must be paid before you travel. Hotel and flight bookings may require full payment in advance. We accept payment through Paypal or bank transfer. Each itinerary has a payment plan and you will be guided. 

How safe is drinking water in India?

Bottled water is cheap, widely available and your safest bet. On the street, water pouches offer less plastic waste. Avoid drinking water, ice or juices from roadside carts and vendors. Tea is generally boiled and safe. 

People in India drink filtered water and this is what will generally be served to you, unless you specifically request packaged water. If you are visiting India long term and wish to avoid all the plastic waste, wean yourself into the filtered water by gradually mixing it with bottled water over a period of time.

How safe is it to eat non-vegetarian food in India?

India, being a primarily Hindu country, rarely serves beef. Because a substantial number of Indians are Muslim, pork is also not easily available. We recommend you eat non-vegetarian food only in good restaurants with good food safety practices.

How should I tip waiters at restaurants/hotels?

In tourist restaurants and hotels, a 10% service charge is often added to bills, in which case there is no need to tip. In smaller places, where tipping is optional, you need only tip a few rupees, not a percentage of your bill. It is customary to tip waiters, porters, guides and drivers.

Are there pubs and clubs in India?

Yes, definitely, however these are concentrated only in urban areas. In places like Mumbai and Bangalore, you will find numerous bars and clubs. Most clubs have state-of-the-art sound equipment and an experienced DJ to provide you with good music. Do try the spicy chaats and snacks with your Pina Colada.

What kind of dress is appropriate, given the different culture?

It is a safe bet not to expose too much skin. People may not only stare, they may take offence. In India, women’s chaste dress means not exposing shoulders, chest or knees. Safe clothing would be long skirts and tops with sleeves. While not typically worn my women in India, trousers to below the knee are acceptable. Avoid shorts, mini skirts and tank tops, unless you are on a beach. Be also aware that, outside tourist areas, locals may not be accustomed to beach wear. Local people respond approvingly when foreigners wear typical Indian clothing.

What is the best thing to do if approached by beggars and street children?

We recommend against giving money to beggars; if you must give them something, carry bananas or biscuits. You should be aware that some people are forced to beg and giving them money may promote the practice. You can also choose to ignore them or say a firm “No!” if they get too persistent.


Can I use my mobile phone in India?

Mobile services in India are some of the cheapest in the world and it may well be worth getting a local SIM card. Getting a SIM card in India requires submission of an application form, which takes a few days to process. 

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