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How we give back

At Namaste Nomad, we believe in giving back

Our ethos

Namaste Nomad is made up of professional, licenced and experienced guides. However, it is not aimed only for the benefit of a few but also to favour local guides, sherpas, powers, yak men and horse men and their families by giving them an opportunity to work. We respectfully provide food and accommodation to everyone who works with us, provide insurance and pay full wages every after trek.

We also invite local, uneducated and unemployed local youths to teach them the work and give them access to learning English, which will offer them greater opportunity to become self-sufficient.

Nonetheless, we aim to also do welfare for the society at large. We support the Hope Foundation and partner with the West Nepal Development Trust with fundraising activities.

Education is our main focus, however, we are also concerned with the environment, self-sufficiency, healthy living, sustainable living and so on. A school was built in Sikkim, funded entirely by our clients and members.

We may look different, have different cultures and speak different languages, yet travelling brings us together in more ways than one.

The HOPE foundation

The Hope Foundation works with the street and slum children in Kolkata, India. HOPE provides support to over 60 projects including child protection, education, primary healthcare, vocational training and drugs rehabilitation. HOPE has extended its support and now affords a holistic approach to development, which includes working with the children, their families and the community in Kolkata. “The poorest people in our global community live a life of bare subsistence, one of uncertainty, insecurity, more suffering and quite often, premature death. There are no safety nets, such as social welfare, for the families we work with. Their survival is determined by your generosity and kindness in reaching out and responding in whatever way you can. I ask you to remember the street and slum children and to support our work.”

Maureen Forrest, Founder & Honorary Director, The Hope Foundation.

Namaste Nomad wholeheartedly supports The Hope Foundation, a registered Irish charity (CHY 13237) with offices in Ireland and the UK (SC 038809). HOPE is also registered in Germany and the USA with 501(c) status. Mohan from Namaste Nomad has been personally involved in some of the tours by The Hope Foundation in India before coming to Ireland. He also visited The Hope Foundation in Kolkata and deeply supports the charity work being done, while some of his friends are still working there. Namaste Nomad wishes to encourage its clients to donate, visit or get involved in The Hope Foundation’s genuine humanitarian work.

The West Nepal Development Trust

About WNDT

The West Nepal Development Trust (WNDT) works to provide help where it is needed. The Trust has provided medical supplies, rushed emergency services to the victims of natural disasters and fire, donated school supplies, planted food trees, and more. It works to improve the health and education of the Nepalese people. The Trust is recognised by the government of Nepal and is affiliated with Nepal’s Social Welfare Council.

Namaste Nomad and WNDT

Namaste Nomad first got involved with WNDT when Nepal was hit by devastating earthquakes in April and May of 2015. Mohan Nepal, co-founder and lead guide of Namaste Nomad of Nepali origin, received daily reports from friends and family telling of the destruction. The larger charities were helping in Kathmandu but weren’t able to reach smaller villages. Mohan connected with WNDT, which was already offering support in rural areas.

Namaste Nomad and WNDT created a fundraising campaign. Thanks to the generous donations collected in Ireland, WNDT were able to re-build a school in the small village of Gorkha. Inspired by this first project, Namaste Nomad formed an ongoing partnership with WNDT. Most recently, raised funds have helped help victims of a fire that destroyed 64 homes in the village of Badagaun, Gulmi.

Keep up to date with WNDT developments on the WNDT Facebook page and WNDT website.

Fundraising with Namaste Nomad

Do your bit

As part of a Namaste Nomad trek, you’ll have the opportunity to carry your donations directly to the WNDT charity in Nepal and to visit one of their projects. You can also volunteer or choose a homestay, where you get a more authentic experience of village life and our charity projects.

If you’d like to make similar arrangements for another charity in one of the areas we visit, please contact us to discuss how we can help.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

– Gandhi

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